Our Vision

Building a Sudan for All


Many parts of the country are suffering from a severe water shortage crisis, with just 50% of the country's population having access to clean water. The Sudanese Congress Party is placing a high priority on providing clean drinking water to the citizen wherever they may be and to do so by delivering the following:

● Increasing the scope of water exploration, increasing its resources and distributing it to citizens according to those in most urgent need.
● Develop water distribution networks, increase storage capacity in rain collection facilities and reduce the waste of water in
   river and dam areas.
● The establishment of drinking water purification facilities and the development of the techniques used in them.
● Authorising the Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources to govern on water issues in the country and the establishment
   of a national water authority and local water bodies with close coordination between all relevant institutions.
● Issuing strict legislation for the preservation of water resources in the country and to enable the concerned agencies to
   implement the legislation.


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Building A Sudan for All