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Building a Sudan for All


Since the dawn of independence and up to the present day, planning and development attempts in the countryside have been limited. These attempts have been restricted to temporary projects to solve problems of thirst and the establishment of health centers, educational facilities and small industries, which quickly ceased to exist and stopped production which influenced the migration of people to the city in search of a decent living and services fleeing from war and poverty.

With regard to urban planning, there have been some attempts to achieve structural plans for cities in order to guide development and solve the problems of the city, but they did not succeed in accomplishing their tasks due to the lack of the process of completion of the plan itself and the absence of popular participation in it making them redundant pieces of paper

The Sudanese Congress Party calls for adopting a vision of urban planning that achieves the following:

● Urban planning in a manner that respects public health and preserves human dignity and enables continuous
   monitoring of housing conditions.
● Settlements with an integrated and sustainable environment with well-designed areas.
● A convenient and efficient land use system
● Effective urban management to ensure that adequate standards of safety, hygiene and uniformity are maintained
   throughout the urban areas of cities and villages
● Develop information services and increase their efficiency to meet city standards.
● Stop urban encroachment on agricultural land.
● Effective management of the urban environment.
● Solving the problems of roads through development planning and managing their implementation to ease
   transportation and mobility.
● Reviving stagnant urban areas.
● Stimulating urban development to meet the objectives of economic growth.
● Investment in urban development and its outputs.
● Effective urban management.
● Formalization and integration of specific informal settlements into cities.

It also believes that the optimal solution to the housing problem is in:

● State sovereignty over all land and the ownership of property as a benefit.
● Preventing monopoly and land speculation.
● Imposing rising taxes on properties not inhabited with the minimum number of required people
● The enactment of clear laws securing the rights of all those who have ownership of a plot of land, the Sudan is large
   and strict penalties must be imposed on the manipulators of these rights in this regard.
● To work diligently to implement the "for every citizen a home" plan.


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Building A Sudan for All