Our Vision

Building a Sudan for All


The means of transportation are fundamental to progress, so it is necessary to build a network of river, rail and highway routes linking the country uniformly, by:

● The Rehabilitation of railways is the optimal option in this regard (because it is the cheapest, and least expensive and best
   suited for a country as large as the Sudan), and it is essential to benefit from the global experience, and to open investment
   opportunities for companies in this sector that are recognized for efficiency, and to provide investment opportunities and
● The construction of paved roads, is incumbent upon the State which must not be left to its own devices but supervised to
   ensure that there is a balanced distribution of paved roads across the regions whilst taking into account road construction
● The Rehabilitation and development of river transportation.
● Development of aviation networks and the construction of airports in various Sudanese cities.
● Paying attention to sea ports in parallel with land and air ports.
● Providing public transportation.


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Building A Sudan for All