Our Vision

Building a Sudan for All


The Sudanese Congress Party attaches great importance to sports activity and works to sponsor and develop it through the
following policies:

● Democracy and eligibility for sports activity.
● Investing the unique diversity of the Sudanese people into the diversification of sports activity by taking advantage of the
   potential of the people of Sudan according to their cultures and different lifestyles.
● Attention to the creation of sports academies that accommodate young people during their different phases of development
   and to introduce the curriculum of physical education in schools and to teach them to enable students to practice their
● To develop the infrastructure of sports facilities by allocating some state resources and benefiting from joint sports
   cooperation with friendly countries and various sports organizations.
● Comply fully with the Olympic and international sporting laws and charters, and preventing the State’s intrusion into the
   independence of the sporting governing bodies.


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Building A Sudan for All