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3.1    Access to power:


Peaceful access to power and governance is one of the most important mechanisms and means for parties to implement their programs and political vision. We should not achieve power unless we work to reach it by democratic means which are consistent with the ideas we believe in.


3.2    Democracy and Consensus:


Democracy is both a practical mechanism for the exercise of political action as well as the means for resolving disputes and managing political and social conflict. It will strive to work for a democratic society. If in exceptional circumstances the national interest requires there to be a national consensus the party will make every possible effort towards achieving it.


3.3    Peaceful resistance:


Under the current circumstances, and given the suffering of our country under a dictatorial regime that seized power through a military coup and given the many options available that can be utilized to end this Salvation Front rule, the Sudanese Congress Party has adopted the policy of peaceful resistance and using peaceful democratic strategies in the struggle for political change as this is the method best aligned and consistent with the party’s philosophy and vision.


3.4    Peaceful Opposition:


In the event of a transition to an open democratic society, the party will take part in general elections for the purpose of being voted into power. If it fails to achieve through this means, it will set itself up in peaceful political opposition, which will serve to monitor the performance of the government and ensure it does not deviate from the interests of the people. It will adopt its own alternative plans and strategies from that of the government.


3.5    Dialogue:


The Congress is an ongoing forum for continuous dialogue between its members on the one hand and between them and others on the other. We recognise that our party is just one of the parties and different social entities active in Sudanese political affairs and it is for this reason that we choose dialogue with others as the ideal way to resolve differences and to establish joint action with other political forces.


3.6    Organization:


The party mobilizes its human and material resources by attracting those with the greatest commitment and awareness to engage with the masses and their issues and concerns. It also works to build a solid party structure that maintains strong relationships at all levels within the organization and likewise by adopting a decentralized management approach towards the party's branches both inside and outside the country that enables them to set up their own suitable professional structures on condition that they do not deviate from the party’s general political line and as stipulated in the party's statutes.


3.7    Alliances:


To achieve our objectives, we fully support the principle of making alliances with forces that are in alignment with the spirit of our mission, that can lead to achieving our goals whilst at the same time we totally reject any alliance with any entity that has or is participating in crimes against the rights of our people.
country through a series of measures detailed in this program.


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