Our Vision

Building a Sudan for All


The Manufacturing through the adoption of modern technologies as the fundamental driver for development is one of the most important conditions eliminating chronic underdevelopment, as manufacturing a high impact on production growth and reducing unemployment and increases agricultural output through the supply of modern equipment and tools, and therefore is an essential condition for the improvement of the people's standards of living.

We adopt the following policies to achieve these objectives:

● The state shall develop a plan to raise the contribution of industry to national production on the basis of building an
   integrated agro-industrial economy, and learn the lessons of the international manufacturing experience.
● Manufacturing is planned to benefit both existing generations and future generations. Light industries, especially for
   consumer goods will be developed first as they require relatively low financial cost, investment is recovered more quickly
   and more profitably, and their products improve people's lives as has the export goods industry by having comparative
   advantages in the global market due to natural conditions and historical experience. Above and beyond this, it will pave the
   way for heavy industry and the means of production.
● Developing Industry in areas where the raw materials are produced is an important part of the solution to the problem of
   unbalanced development, for example, textile weaving should be carried out in the cotton producing areas, oil presses
   located in oil seed producing areas, gain mills in grain producing areas, and the petroleum industries in the oil production


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Building A Sudan for All