Our Vision

Building a Sudan for All


The country is suffering from a huge crisis in the generation of electricity and in its distribution fairly across the regions of the country, so we work on the following:

● Increasing the sources of thermal power generation and expansion of environmentally friendly alternative energy projects.
● Extending the national network to reach into the countryside and work to address the historical imbalance that exists that
   prevented electricity producing areas from benefiting from the energy generated there.
● Enact the necessary legislation and establish the necessary institutions to rationalize the use of electricity resources and
   ensure equity in their distribution.

  • Agriculture

    The Sudan, with its huge livestock, vast land and abundant water resources, has the potential for an agricultural renaissance...

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  • Alternative Energy

    The Sudanese Congress Party is working to implement the following policies in the field of alternative energy and climate change...

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  • Communication

    The State is the body that organizes the business in this sector and participates to a limited degree in its development....

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  • Dams

    Dams fall within the framework of water projects for the purpose of conserving and developing the water resources of the country...

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Building A Sudan for All