Our Vision

Building a Sudan for All


The Sudan, with its huge livestock, vast land and abundant water resources, has the potential for an agricultural renaissance and a significant portion of world trade, and enhancing the lives of its predominantly agricultural and pastoral population, therefore, the development of agricultural and livestock production is a priority and will be achieved by:

● Increasing productivity by mechanising production and modernizing its tools, linking it to scientific research, developing
   agricultural extension services, the provision of seeds and the application of technical support packages, and investment
   in the upgrading of infrastructure (irrigation canals, storage silos, roads and railways, quarantine services, and water
   wells for livestock... Etc.).
● Paying attention to the traditional rain-fed agricultural sector, as it is the main pillar of livelihood for the majority of
   Sudanese people, so the state must provide it with inputs for production and work to introduce modern techniques to
   raise productivity as it must provide the necessary financing on easy terms to farmers.
● Placing inputs towards agricultural and animal production as the highest priority when allocating hard currency for
● Providing the necessary funding through the central bank for small producers and cooperatives, the lowest repayment
   terms and rebuilding the banking system for the benefit of the production sectors, especially agriculture and livestock.
● Encouraging investment in agricultural and animal production by reducing taxes, and providing exemptions and privileges.
● To create integration between the petroleum and mining sector and agricultural and livestock production by investing
   their surplus revenues into agricultural and livestock production and for the petrochemical industries to provide
   production inputs and infrastructure (fertilizers, pesticides, paving materials, etc.).
● Developing the animal husbandry and breeding of traditional livestock sector by introducing modern technology,
   improved feed production, and resolving land ownership issues in order to provide permanent pastures for pastoralists.
● Increasing the productivity of fishing by introducing modern technology, enacting the necessary legislation, providing
   government and private funding, spreading the culture of fish farming and developing its production in the country.
● Creating highly efficient marketing and sales channels for agricultural, animal and fish produce using the latest scientific
   know how and removing tax and logistical barriers that limit sales growth.
● To promote regeneration of the countryside and reduce the gap between it and the city by promoting health, educational
   and social services and combating epidemics. Ending the old and modern versions of "Al-Shiil" (Islamic Riba-based
  financing), and the civil administrations based on inheritance that are disruptive to growth and progress.


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Building A Sudan for All